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NLP Retreats – exploring your world & the world

Travel is one of my greatest loves.  Exploring beautiful new places on this remarkable planet we live on enriches our lives in immeasurable ways.

So whatever level of NLP you’re at – beginner, PractitionerMaster Practitioner or NLP Trainer – you can join me for world class NLP training in some of the most spectacular places in the world.

I’m currently running NLP Training and Retreats in South AfricaIndiaIbiza and the UK.  All these places hold a special place in my heart.

Join me in one of these unique locations for an immersive experience that will help you transform from the inside out.  If you’d like to see what some others who have joined me around the world are saying out their experiences then go here.

You can view my Event Calendar here so you can find the perfect match for your budget, location and timescales.

Or take a look below and contact us if you have any questions or would like to book your place.